Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Talking Points

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Jan 2015 notes

  • Fighting for a playoff spot
  • What happened to all the sell-outs? Have fans finally had enough?
  • Will Thornton or Marleau ever be in any PR/ads again

Off season happenings

  • Burns back on D
  • The "rebuild"
  • comings and goings - John Scott, Boyle, Havlat, Stuart, Hannan re-sign
  • Demers contract $3.4M 2 years - traded for Dillon
  • Desi extension
  • Who's your goalie
  • Who's the Captain
  • Outdoor Game

John Tortora

  • Drew Remenda not re signed
  • Ice girls
  • Adding CGI ads behind nets - noticed for first time vs. Blues on Jan 3rd

Biggest Sharks fuck up decision

  • intro song choices
  • No more 4-in-the-net... because of amici's?
  • The addition of orange with the new logo and jerseys
  • Black unis in the playoffs
  • Western Conference Regular Season Champions banner
  • Hiring John Tortora


  • Fluery
  • Pronger
  • Belfour
  • Who now? Ott? Perry?

Memorable moments

  • Sharkie in the rafters
  • The flood
  • The quake vs. Colorado
  • Selanne missing the net
  • Boyle own goal
  • Nolan center ice goal
  • Bergevin own goal

25th anniversary - what do you do?

  • retro jerseys - for opener, last game and Thursdays?
  • skate out to Get Ready For This

Random topics

  • Why are the Sharks so bad at drafting D in the early rounds? Aside from Boyle, when was the last time the Sharks sent a D-man to the ASG? Ozo?
  • All time best/worst draft choices
  • Best/Worst moves (trades/signings)
    • Galiardi/Winnik for McGinn
  • Bringing back former players
    • Friesen
    • Ozo
    • Stuart
    • Korky
    • Norton
  • Rules changes - trapezoid, 3 point games, goalie mask off.
  • first retired number
  • regular season championship banner
  • KFOX drops 102.1
  • Sharks fest, Teal & White game
  • Should the NHL consider contraction
  • Will it take the Sharks winning the cup before local media gives them any type of regular coverage? Or would it even matter?

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Kanye West is an absolute douche bag...

A year ago, I wrote about the train wreck the 2007 MTV VMAs was. The biggest laugh of the night, of course, came from Kanye West. Here is what I wrote a year ago...

"Of course, a biggest ego award should be created specifically for, and named after, Kanye West. This asswipe was nominated for 4 or 5 awards this year... as in the past 2 award shows... and hasn't won yet. However, he always feels the need to piss and moan how he didn't win anything, yet he's so superior to so many other performers. The essence of a sore loser, this douche bag has vowed to never again show up to the MTV VMAs."

So Douche Bag West throws a hissy fit (one of many) about not winning any awards a year ago. What happened this year? Here is just one reviewer's quote...

"Closing the night was Kanye West who, like Spears, was hoping for a second chance after a disappointing VMA experience last year. In Las Vegas, he had a Kanye-sized hissy fit backstage and vowed never to appear at the VMAs again after he didn't get a Moonman trophy despite several nominations."

This total fucking moron who, constantly bitches at any award show where he fails to win, vows NEVER TO RETURN to the MTV VMAs can't even go a year without sucking the corporate teet and coming back... not only to give an incredibly forgettable, mediocre performance, but to fail again at winning any awards!

What a tool this guy is. Kanye... do us a favor... FUCK OFF.

The System Is Broken...

The system is broken...

Here, in the good ole US of A, the system is terribly broken...

Cop-killer allegedly violated restraining order

How in the world was this guy not behind bars? Multiple reports of violations, yet no arrests... are you fucking kidding me??? People, this is a prime example of how screwed our system is. Let me begin with a story of mine from a few years ago.

At some point during the early 90's, I was driving home from work on 101 south in the number 2 lane. During the time of travel, carpool hours were in effect so only vehicles with more than one person were allowed in the number 1 lane. During my commute, a tv-sized box fell out of the truck in front of me. As it is a heavy commute and I have no clue what's in the box, I have three options:

1. Continue on and plow over the box while praying nothing in it is dangerous along with hoping I don't knock the box into someone else.

2. Jam on my breaks hoping not to hit the box while knowing without a doubt that the idiot tailgating me will push me into it anyway.

3. Swerve into the empty space in the carpool lane that will allow me to avoid the box and other vehicles.

Since options 1 and 2 pretty much gurantee an accident, I choose option 3. Generally, when I'm driving, I try to always have an "out". Whether it's the median, the shoulder, or another lane, I try to be aware of surroundings because, obviously, you never know what some idiot will do.

I swerve into the carpool lane and try to catch my breath. I look in my rear view mirror and see that Mr. Tailgater has plowed right over the box. Luckily, nothing was in it and no accident was caused. After a few seconds, I make my way back into the number 2 lane... once again, in front of Mr. Tailgater. Within about 20 seconds, a CHP unit comes up in the carpool lane and gets up right behind me... then he lights me up and I proceed to pull over.

The officer asks me the usual idiotic questions... "do you know why I stopped you?" I tell the guy "I have absolutely no idea as I've done nothing wrong." He tells me that I've been stopped for traveling as a solo driver in the carpool lane. I confirm that he's actually serious and then begin to explain that I was in the lane momentarily to avoid a fallen box and a potential accident. If anything, the CHP should be pulling over the truck that didn't tie its load down properly. The CHP officer tells me he saw no box and believes I purposely tried to carpool cheat, moved to the carpool lane, saw him in the mirror, and tried to get back before I was noticed.

I, of course, ask the officer "are you fucking kidding me? I avoid a potential accident and I'm being cited? Well, I guess if this situation comes up ever again, I'll just plow into whatever is in my path. If anyone asks why I didn't try to avoid it by going into an open carpool lane, I'll be sure to tell them that CHP officer Smith with badge #46982 cited me for it the last time and that's a pretty expensive ticket. To hell with trying to avoid an accident and potential loss of life... officer Smith says it's a no-no!"

Of course, officer Smith doesn't find this either funny or informative... I'm merely written up. I am seething in disbelief and cannot wait to fight this citation in court.

Here's where the system break down begins. Now technically, I absolutely broke the law. However, circumstances must come into play. If someone is being assaulted and a bystander runs across the street to assist the person being assaulted, do you applaud that person? Or do you cite him for jaywalking?

When I arrive in the morning at court, there are several other people standing around waiting for their day in court as well. At around 8:30am, we are all herded into a court room and shortly after, the judge enters. What I'm about to hear astounds me. The judge quite literally tells the entire room that when their number is called they are to come forward before the judge. The judge will read the citation and ask for a plea. Then comes the bullshit.

We are told if we plead "no contest", we will receive a significantly reduced fine and be sent on our way. If we decide to plead "innocent", we will have to wait until all the "no contest" people are judged and then wait again until our number is called to come back up. At that time, the judge will listen to you explain yourself and decide that either A) he agrees with you and throws the ticket out or B) he's not buying your story and you have to pay the full fine. It's pretty obvious this guy "doesn't want to hear it" and if you stick around to "waste his time", you're going to get stuck with the full amount. Our legal system in action.

Essentially, you're provoked to plead "no contest". Rather than paying, say $317, you only have to pay $77... and you get out of the courthouse before 10am. Or, you can decide to sit there all day instead of working... and probably have to pay the $317. No wonder our system is shot to hell. A JUDGE is telling the public that if you basically plead guilt up front, it will be better for you rather than pleading innocence. Are you kidding me? Had I been at a different point in my life, I would have pleaded innocent and stayed all day to have my case heard... and if the judge had uphelp the original citation, I would have made it a point to tell him "just for the record, you're telling me to hit an avoidable object and create a probable accident rather than to move to another lane for 5 seconds? Can I have a copy of this transcript from the court reporter?" Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity as I had other things that needed to be done that day, not to mention that I wasn't a gambler then. A guranteed $77 over a potential $317 or $0 was not a bet I was willing to make that day.

And the moral of this long ass story is??? Officers and Judges don't want to listen. The officials involved in the violation of the restraining order basically did nothing. This was a man that had threatened his wife and children NUMEROUS times. He violated NUMEROUS restraining orders NUMEROUS times. The officials involved with this case should feel nothing but guilt and shame.

We need stiffer penalties in this country!!! Recently, 4 guys in their late teens were arrested as they are CAUGHT IN THE ACT of vandalism. They were caught spray-painting gang tags on public properties. They were found to have KNOWN GANG AFFILIATIONS. What did they get? 6 months... that's all. Vandalism contributes nothing but making things more expensive as shop owners and/or tax payers have to pay to clean up the mess.

Let's go over how it SHOULD BE. The 4 idiots are arrested as they are caught in the act. They are booked and jailed. The next day, they are brought to the scene of the crime to clean it up. Any needed supplies must provided by the law breakers. If they don't have the money to pay for the supplies, they are put to work for minimum wage until the monies are worked off. THEN, they sit in jail for 6 months. Oh wait... they have known gang affiliations... make that 60 months in jail. Any gang affiliations automatically bumps up time X10. Instead of 6 months, you get 5 YEARS.

Another scenario that recently occurred. A woman driving a van in San Jose hit and killed and 8 year old girl riding her bike accross a busy street in the crosswalk. What do we have for her, Johnny? Involuntary Manslaughter... 3 years probation. I would be fine with that as sometimes an accident is simply an accident. Yes, this woman killed someone, but there was no evidence of provocation and there were skid marks proving she tried to stop.

HOWEVER, there is a small fact ommitted from the story thus far. The driver has no valid license, no insurance, AND is in the country ILLEGALLY. This accident should have never happened as the driver should have never been in this situation to begin with. Now, circumstances have changed. In my world, that means execution. The driver gets 7 days to say goodbyes, tie up loose ends, write up a will, and that's it. 7 days later, the needle goes in and goodbye.

Yes, that may seem harsh. Do me a favor though and imagine that the little 8yo girl on the bike was your daughter. Doesn't seem that harsh now, does it? And I can pretty much gurantee you that if our penalties were far stiffer and we ACTUALLY FOLLOWED THROUGH with them, crime would go down DRAMATICALLY! And that's were the system is broken the most.

We have people on death row where it has been proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that they are 110% guilty. I'm not talking about the ones that are on some murky video tape. I'm not talking about the ones where the victim says the inmate is guilty and the inmate pleads innocent.

I'm talking about the ones on death row who, for example, shot a cop... in front of 12 other cops. Or the guy who is caught on crisp clear video killing a clerk. I'm talking about the guy that ADMITTED to the crime. Why are these KILLERS given appeal after appeal... on the tax payer's dimes??? I've never understood why criminals get try after try after try. It's been proven... you KILLED another human being without justifiable cause! That's it... checkout time for you.

This is a win-win situation... we get rid of this human garbage which frees up the monies being used to pay for their many appeals, not to mention the costs of their food, clothing, and healthcare... AND we free up space in the overcrowded jails. Dear lord, I should run for office.

Thank you for your support... remember me in November... a Volt for every Vote!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

2008 Olympics... keep trying!

Now that the 2008 Olympics in Bejing, China are just a few short days from concluding, I'd like to hand out my medals...

The gold medal goes to all the athletes that know that fair competition is what it's all about, politics be damned. Michael Phelps is aquaman. Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson have been a pleasure to watch during the gymnastics competition. The men's gymnastics competition was outrageous. It's just too bad that all the items that should have been listed under gold fall under the weight of the silver and bronze.

NBC grabs the silver. NBC has been showing the Olympics between their flagship NBC station and all their sister stations... USA, CNBC, MCNBC, and Universal HD. Once again, NBC has yet to learn how to do the Olympics correctly. Tonight is a perfect example of how NOT to televise it.

During the 9 o'clock hour, NBC goes from some track racing events to women's pole vault. NBC shows only the later rounds, already edited or course. It then comes down to 2... one from the US, the other from Russia. NBC then goes to commercial and comes back to men's gymnastics. NBC does not return to the women's pole vault until after 11pm. Are you fucking retarded? Believe me, I don't have some jones for women's pole vault, but don't show me all this competition and then take 90 minutes before you show me the ending... assholes!

Adding to their problems, the only event they seem to want to show on Universal is boxing. Between FIVE... count 'em, FIVE, I've seen NO women's hoops... I've seen NO men's track & field events other than racing... it is called track and FIELD! However, I've been blessed enough to see such incredible events as badminton (both single and team), ping-pong, synchronized swimming and diving, skeet shooting, and something as retarded as walk-racing. This is the last year of women's softball... but walk-racing... FUCKING WALK-RACING is a god damn Olympic sport. And NBC fucking aired it!!! Unreal. Where is the triple jump... and the high jump... and the triathlon... and the decathlon? Is it because China SUCKS at track and field and you don't want to offend the host country?

Finally, without a doubt, the piece of shit bronze goes to the country of China. So far it has come out that in your bid to impress us so much, you put an 8 year old girl with a beautiful voice behind a curtain and had a more "aesthetically pleasing" looking girl lip-synch, and then had the idiocy to say the world would understand. Then, it came out that because you're air quality sucks so bad, you added extra fireworks through CGI during the opening ceremonies. This was all on day fucking one!

Now, there is no denying that China has churned out some amazing athletes for this competition. However, have some fucking class and admit that, at MINIMUM, 3 of your women gymnasts are not only under 16, they're probably barely teenagers. I thought the Olympics were supposed to be about the purity of competition. So far, you've cheated an 8 year old out of her moment because she wasn't pretty enough and you've used computer imaging to cheat the viewers into a special effect firework show.

It's painfully obvious you're willing to cheat just to make yourselves feel superior as a host country. I thought China was supposed to be all about class and "saving face" and having "honor". You're proven nothing to me other than you're a fraud.

If you had any class at all, you would give the women's uneven bars gold medal to Nastia Liukin. You should remember her... she was the one that actually should be wearing gold. But as I've stated, it's obvious you only care about gold medals... not wether you've actually EARNED them.

Thank you for your support... hey, isn't FOOTBALL on?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Thursday, June 05, 2008

One for the ages...

Tonight, my softball team did something I thought we'd never knew we'd be able to do... WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP!

Our previous season together, we went 9-1 over a 10 game stretch. Our team was almost unbeatable. Of course, that may have been our downfall as we went into the post season a little too cocky and lost to a 2-8 team in the first round. It was humiliating, but memorable for me, which made tonight all the more sweeter.

After winning our first playoff game last week, somewhat handedly, we began tonight playing our arch nemesis, Sandis. This is a team I believe we have beaten once in our last 10 meetings. For some reason, they've almost always had our number. In fact, they almost had it tonight. This is a team that had beaten us twice during the regular season. One of those games, they flat out embarrassed us. Tonight, we very much evened the score. As the visiting team, we put up the maximum 7 runs in the first inning. While Sandis was able to rally their way over the next few innings, those lead off 7 runs turned out to be huge. At the end of the regulation 7 innings, the game was tied at 12 all.

Our team came to play though... we were able to put another 4 runs on the board in the top of the 8th to go up 16-12. Sandis battled through and posted 3 runs in the bottom of the 8th. With 2 outs and bases loaded, Sandis simply didn't have enough as we got the final out in LC by Micky and took the game 16-15.

While our follow-up game against Teradyne was almost as tough, we were able to eek out the Championship 17-12. While I have won Championship games before with other teams or in other sports, this Championship might possibly be my all time sweetest. During the regular 10 game season, our team went 5-5. There were at least 2 games that we gave away with either bad defensive play or no show hitting. Tonight, the team really came together and showed what they were made of when it counted.

While there were a possible 3 bone head plays over both games by our group, the team really came together and made all the right moves and played aggressively on both offense and defense. My hat really has to go off to the three spectacular women on our corp-coed team, Deb, Stacy, and Slinky. Over the course of both games, they really proved to be a massive difference in our wins.

However, I believe the game ball should go to our pitcher, Rob. The guy seems to always come up with the goods on O and D when we've really needed it all season. He's also the first to be supportive and the first to let you know where the play needs to be. He is an absolute godsend for our team and I don't think we would have even come close to a Championship without him.

Cheers to the Beers... and what I hope is another winning season in the sun this summer!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Same result... 3 years running... almost expected

Well, it's that time of year again...

The days get longer.

The temperature gets warmer.

and the Sharks can't get past the second round.

For the 3rd year running, the Sharks have lost in the 6th game, of the 2nd round of the Stanley Cup playoffs. It's maddening.

Let me just ask... who's responsible for the constant line-juggling all season? Who's responsible for a PP that was deadly last season and DOA this season? Who's responsible for a PK that went MIA in the playoffs? Who's responsible for taking a timeout when obviously needed? Who's responsible for firing up the team when they obviously need a swift kick in the shorts? These items along with the defense need to be taken care of.

Me thinks the coach may be the one that gets the swift kick in the pants.

And I'm so tired of hearing the coaching staff talk up what a great defensive them they were this season. You know why that was??? It was due to the forwards constantly having to come back and help the D because none of them could make an outlet or stretch pass. GM Doug Wilson needs to find this team a lock on D. When was the last time the Sharks sent a D man to the All Star Game??? I think it was back in '95-'96 season. Where is our Lidstrom or Pronger?

For anyone talking about goalie Evgeni Nabokov being marginal, I have to ask... are you effing kidding me??? The guy was spectacular those last 3 playoff games, not to mention that he saved the team countless times against Calgary. If not for Nabby's theft against Owen Nolan, Calgary could've very well gone up 3-1 in that series. We're also talking about a guy who saw more minutes in net than anyone else this season. Between the forwards coming back to help, added to the fact that the D were actually pretty good at getting into lanes and blocking shots in the regular season, Nabby's GAA and SV% might not be what you expect. However, look back at how many games the Sharks won by only a goal... you can thank Nabby for a lot of those. There's a reason why Nabby is up for the Vezina award... and if he doesn't get it, the award means nothing.

Bottom line... if GM Doug Wilson decides to keep coach Ron Wilson, there had better be some serious special teams changes made. DW needs to also bring in a top guy on the right wing to feed off of Joe's beautiful dishes... and bring in the #1 D-man we've been lacking for so long. I think these playoffs proved pretty well that Craig Rivet, Brian Campbell, and Marc-Eduard Vlasic are keepers while the rest are trade bait... yet none of them would be considered a #1 by elite teams.

Let's not do this 4 years running.

Thursday, March 27, 2008